dinsdag 20 september 2011

Harry: Documentaire/Nature show.

Quick translation:
1. -"A polar bear primarily eats seals." 
2. -"The color of his fur allows him to close in without being spotted."
3. "Once the prey is within his reach, the polar bear strikes without mercy."
4. -"The seal has no chance."
    -"Get 'm!"
5. "This hunting technique, characterized by strength and speed, has been refined throughout the centuries."
6. "Rumble!"
7. "It's time for a hunting technique characterized ...
8. "... by lethargy and idleness, ..."
9. "...  tweaked by Harry Harrymans, ..."
10. "Ssshudder."
11. "Bam!"
12. "... and to be refined in centuries to come."