zondag 4 december 2011

Harry: Slechtgesint/Saint Nicholas.

-> In Belgium, the night before the 6th of december, Sinterklaas brings gifts to all the children: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinterklaas
Quick translation:
1. "December 5."
2. "Hey Harry! What are you building?"
3. "Saint-Nicholas is coming tonight. I'm building a chimney so he can get in."
4. "Do you want to help me? There's beer."
6. "A few hours later."
7. "At night."
8. "For Harry Harrymans, a PSP."
9. "Not exactly a good kid but he's always generous with the booze."
10. - "The next morning."
      - "Saint-Nicholas didn't come by my house. Did he bring you anything?"
      - "Pff, yeah, some antique kiddie crap."

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